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Investment Required to Start a Pharma Franchise

Investment In Pharma :

Investment is a very important factor for any business whether big or small. This is main issue in front of every individual that how much investment is required to start a new venture. This investment is required to cover all the initial expenses of the company like purchasing the goods, paying the employees, managing day to day expenses, Marketing & promotional activities, etc. In the starting doing investment is easy but the most important is taking your business in a profitable way.

In India to start a Pharma Franchise Business/PCD Pharma Franchise Business involves a huge investment. You can not start this business with a small amount of investment because the expenses on a initial stages are quite high. You should also have to obtain Legal Certifications, Drug Regulator Policies, WHO and many others.

So here We will guide you how much investment is required to start PCD Pharma Franchise Company and for what purposes they are required for?

In Pharma Franchise Business, you mainly require investment to invest on doctors, the products you are going to deal with and some part of investment on the market. Different companies have different investment criteria based on the Quality and Quantity of their products. When you contact any company for Pharma Franchise business, they can provide you choice of their various divisions like Gynae Division, Ortho Division, Pediatric division and Injectables, etc. You can choose one, two or three divisions as per your choice and as per the requirement of that division in your area. The initial billing of all the divisions may be differ as per the norms of the company.

From the investment point of view, the manufacturing companies may ask for initial billing amount in the range of Rs. 25000 to Rs. 50000. But this is not sufficient, you have to keep the backup of money with you to bear all the additional expenses such as Promotions, Gift to doctors, Employee's expenses, Office Expenses and routine expenses. You will also have to spend on licensing, documentations, good manufacturing practices .For a safe side, I suggest initial investment of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs should be there for the proper functioning of the unit. This is because as we all know that the first 6 months for any new business ventures are of no profits. For few months you have to purchase goods from the company on advance basis and after some time depends on the amount of business you are generating, you may get some credit terms.

You will also get promotional materials from the company which will help you in Sales and promotions. A minimum amount should be charged by the company for this. A small amount of investment should also be there for catch covers for samples, working bags with your company logo, visual aids and other items. Some companies will give exciting offers at the startup of new venture just to support you in the initial time of business which will further help you to settle down your business.

The investment in pharma Franchise business is not very huge if you can start the business with proper knowledge, efficient strategies, market know how and belief in yourself with a positive attitude which will surely give you high returns and growth in your business.


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