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Welcome to Eos Dermaceuticals - Best Derma PCD Franchise Company

Derma PCD Franchise: Eos Dermaceuticals offer a wide portfolio of therapeutic solutions for Skin disorders as acne, melasma, vitiligo, bacterial and fungal skin infections, eczema, urticaria, dry and inflamed skin, psoriasis and other corticosteroid responsive dermatoses.

With the increasing awareness amongst people about the health of their skin, Dermatology has become among the fastest growing therapeutic segments in the Indian pharmaceutical market.

The skincare products market was valued at INR 129.76 Bn in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.22% during the 2021 - 2025 periods, to reach a value of INR 191.09 Bn by 2025.

Entering into this ever growing market has become tremendously easy as innumerable derma pharma companies available in India, one can take franchise marketing rights of these derma pharma companies however choosing the right franchisor among these top pharma franchise companies for derma medicines could be a painstaking and meticulous task.

Derma PCD Franchise provides you an opportunity to make your own way in the world of skin health as the demand for derma products is growing day by day and also it let you to have a handsome income with better scope and chance for great financial success in future.

Now a days, the environment is changing day-by-day and is getting more & more polluted which is inevitable and is required to be treated with more care in relation to skin & hair health. In the market, there is a heap of cosmetic products ensuring the best results for skin & hair.

Before going to take a Derma Franchise, you need to be sure about the quality of the products they are offering you under their product range. Make sure that you are not just wasting your time & money and be particular about the quality you are going to deal in.

EOS Deramceuticals is a Derma division of Solace Biotech Limited. It provides you a wide range of skin and hair healthcare products with best derma ingredients. Solace Biotech Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company ingrained in the year 2000.

Solace Biotech Limited has been working since 21 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry and has become an Award-winning Pharma company focusing completely on Product quality and efficacy.

Our PCD Derma Franchise is one of the Best Derma PCD franchise company in India with an exclusive variety of skin and hair care products with the capability of tackling the exact problems people are suffering with.

We offer products in the form of topical, oral & injectable therapies.

Privilege of Investing in Derma PCD Franchise –

• Now a days, people are getting very conscious towards their skin health or skin ailments which boosts the demand of Derma Products in the market.
• As we can see there is an enormous increment in the interest for top-notch items for the skincare, this are or segment is growing very rapidly growing not in India but internationally too.
• A very good amount of margin can be earned by the persons perusing in a Derma segment
• A person taking franchise in Derma segment can get better control over market in with wider product basket.
• As population is increasing day by day in India which leads to increase in patient base in derma segment.
• In present scenario, people are increasing their standard of living in India which leads to high demand of domestic products.

SOLACE BIOTECH LTD, a well reputed PCD Pharma franchise company offers a wide range of Derma Products because of the benefits of Derma Segment Products now a days in the market.

Solace Biotech Ltd. is the top Franchise Company in India who completely relies on the quality of the products which is very important in case of derma products, to give better health to the patients.

We want Indian people to get best services through Derma Products.

Everyone is aware about the increasing demand for skin & hair healthcare products for both men & women. We as a leading Pharmaceutical Company in India, provide you with finest pharma franchise for derma products including the best quality products ensuring you the high rate of return in the market with the satisfying quality. So we are welcoming you in our era of best quality products under competitive prices.

For further information, you can call us at+91-9355955555 or email us at admin@solacebiotech.co.in.


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Franchising is a long-term cooperative relationship between two entities with a co-creation of vision. We have wide range of qualitative products in a general as well as specialized divisions. Hope this will be a One-Stop solution for your requirements.

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