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How to start Pharma Franchise Company in India??

Most of the pharma professionals are interested to start pharma franchise company in India. Surely, now days the pharmaceutical franchise business is profitable, stable and secured to start as new pharma business opportunity for next few years. As number of marketing professionals (who want to start own marketing) are increasing, scope of pharma franchisee is also increasing. Increasing population and doctors are also contributing to this. As a result of this the number of pharma franchise companies are also increasing making the pharma market more and more competent. Good strategy and marketing approach can place you apart. Once you have become successful in yuappointing good numbers of parties for your company, it will be easy for you to extend your business to next level. This business has slow start but steady and stable growth. Timely you will appoint new parties but few old will stop work with you with reason or without reason. So continuous appointment of new parties is must.

Steps to start Pharma Franchise Company in India:-

For starting a Pharma Franchise, you don’t need anything extra. Most of pharma companies will ask for Your Wholesale Drug Licence number and Good and Service Tax Registration Number. These two, you can arrange from your wholesaler or distributor to whom you want to appoint stockist. The step by step guide to initiate the process is given below.

  • First preparelist of molecules or products you want to promote and market.
  • Search pharma franchise company through offline or online media. Social Media is the best option.
  • Ask them whether your location for Franchise Distributionis vacant or not…
  • If Vacant, ask to mail you their complete details like product list, offers and price list with net rate and MRP…
  • You should get Price list for minimum 4-5 companies for Rate comparison, MRP comparison and Range Comparison…
  • According to their Brand Name, Company Name, Net rate, MRP, or Term and conditions, you can select your company…
  • While selecting company, be aware about company history and track record. Also confirm that availability of products which you want to market…
  • If you want to see the product range, ask the company to send you their complete sample kit including product catch cover, promotional inputs, etc.
  • After finalizing the company, ask them to raise the proforma invoice and once the payment is confirmed ask the company to dispatch your goods.


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