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Solace Biotech Limited welcomes all those who are looking for quality injectables & injection medicines for Pharma Franchise in India. Our company is well known & an ISO certified Pharma Franchise Company in India to bring you a wide collection of medicine available for Injectable range. We own quite attractive range of injectables which includes range of Anti-biotic, Anti- allergic, anti- injections etc.

Solace Biotech Limited comes under Best Pharma Franchise Company giving Pharma Franchise monopoly rights to the pharma professionals who can take this opportunity and work with our reputed brand in pharma industries. Seekers can tie up with Pharma Franchise for injections and spread their roots as Pharma Distributors in their region.

The drug market for injection drugs is increasing rapidly. All the pharma professionals including Pharma Distributors, Pharma representatives, Pharmacists, stockiest etc are invited to be a part of a promising business venture with Solace Biotech Limited. We offer you Pharma Franchise for Injectables in India. The investment plans has been kept genuine. You will get to enjoy monopoly rights with a good profit margin. We ensure you that you will always get the best quality drug formulations from our side.

Benefits of owing Injections for Pharma Franchise

The injection medicines are 85 percent used for curative care or as a curative medicine where the cure is considered achievable. Much of the other part is used for immunization or vaccine purpose for polio, measles, mumps, yellow fever etc. Rest they are sued for blood transfusions. They have been widely used in 16 million administered countries. The demand is very high for these medicines. They are a sole drug dosage in cases where the patient is unable to eat, swallow or is unconscious or in comma etc. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Solace Biotech Limited for Pharma Franchise of Injectables:

• The investments plans are very genuine in comparison to other formats.
• All the Franchise associates will be given an attractive range of promotional tools.
• Solace Biotech Limited has always ensured that you get good growth with coming future with us.

We genuinely try that our customers get a good return on all the investment made by them. Thus, Solace Biotech Limited has been an appreciable name which has 250+ associates. You can also be one of them.

Wide Range Of Injection Medicines Available For Pharma Franchise At Solace Biotech

The range of injectables contains a list of antibacterial drugs, ant-acids, proton pump inhibitor, antibiotic, anti-infections etc. All the medicines have been made using best quality drugs at best range. Sterilized packaging material has been used and you can trust on our quality for better output. There are more to the list. Here take a look at the following drug formulations that we are offering.

• Cefoperazone
• Ceftriaxone Sodium
• Diclofenac Sodium
• Methylcobalamin
• Rabeprazole
• Sulbactam

To get our quotation prices and list of injectables, simply leave a message in the enquiry box. If you want to get a detailed overview of the Franchise business opportunities or any related query then contact us by filling form given below. We will be looking forward to your response.

We Provide Pharma Franchise In India

Solace Biotech provides franchise on monopoly basis across India.We have seven specialized divisions and two general divisions.


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