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Solace Biotech Limited is an esteemed Pharma Franchise Company in India. Our company is an ISO certified firm which offers a quality PCD Franchise & Pharma Franchise business deals for orthopedic drugs/ medicines/ products. We are currently offering Pharma Franchise for Ortho Medicines in all the states of India. We are covering major cities, villages and uncovered areas under our business proposal. Our company caters a wide range of Orthopedic medicines which includes the following forms:

• Syrups
• Capsules
• Tablets
• Injectables
• Dry Syrups
• Sachets
• Soft Gels
• Powders
• Much More

Orthopedic is a branch of medical science which is engaged in surgical & non surgical means to diagnose, treat & cure musculoskeletal system injuries & diseases. These include infection, tumors, sports injury, degenerative disease, spine disorders, trauma etc. The musculoskeletal system involves ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons, nerves & their related ailments to allow you to move free & be active. Medicines which are being used here to ease out the pain have been in great demand these days. It is expected to grow more in near future.

Scope of Pharma Franchise in Orthopedic Medicines/ Drugs/ Products

It has been forecasted that India is on the verge to become a country with a high number of orthopedic surgeries and treatment globally. In India, the mortality rate has fallen by 30% which is a clear indication of a brighter future of this market. Investing for Pharma Franchise in Orthopedics will surely bring good benefits & one can earn good profits.

Quality has always been the priority at Solace Biotech Limited which makes us a quality oriented company. We specialize in supplying and distributing a large variety of Pharma products/ drugs/ medicines in which Orthopedic is a separate segment naming “Osteo”. Here is a list of the category of drugs which are being offered to cure a wide variety of ailments of the musculoskeletal system by our company for the Pharma Franchise in Orthopedics:

1. Anti-depressants
2. Corticosteroids
3. Muscle Relaxants
4. Anti- Osteoporosis
5. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS)
6. Pain Relievers
7. Much more

The medicines being offered here are available at superior quality. All the formulations are genuine in comparison to other competitors.

Collaborate With Solace Biotech Limited For Best Pharma Franchise Business Deals in India

An Ahmedabad – based Pharma Company in India, Solace Biotech Limited invites individuals, an association of individuals from all over India to be our member under Pharma Franchise Flagship. Our company has been well known for the quality service and professional approach.

The ingredients and raw materials being used are pure and qualitative resulting in pure, stable, efficient and durable medicines. Here are the benefits of being our associate:

• Monopoly rights are offered to all the members.
• Promotional/marketing support is supported by us.
• Regular medical updates.
• We provide quality promotional inputs.
• All our franchise offerings in every state are genuine and reasonable.
• Quick delivery time.
• Assured support from the company.

Quality is a guarantee when you work with Solace Biotech Limited!

For more information & support, you can call us at 91-9541101111 or simply, write to us at

We Provide Pharma Franchise In India

Solace Biotech provides franchise on monopoly basis across India.We have seven specialized divisions and two general divisions.


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