Third Party Manufacturing

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Third Party Manufacturing

Under Third party manufacturing, a manufacturing unit manufacture products under another company’s brand name. This is also called Contract manufacturing. Now days there are so many pharma companies offer third party manufacturing services which will give further benefits to customers as well as the company for whom the manufacturing services has been offered. In other words it can be said that 3rd party manufacturing is basically the procedure of outsourcing the pharma product or to get the product manufactured by other company under your brand name

Advantages of getting products through third party manufacturing:

In the India’s pharmaceutical Industry, third party manufacturing is very beneficial in number of ways. The benefits are as follows:-

Price Competent – The product will be very much price competent if it is get through third party manufacturing services or Contract Manufacturing as it is very much costly affair and tiring process to have your own manufacturing plant. So we can say that it is the huge benefit of third party manufacturing as it also saves the labor cost.
Large Number of Product Range – The another benefit that a company gets from this service is huge product range which is offered by the manufacturing unit which is full filled in a short span of time enabling company to introduce products in the market on time as per the need of the season.
Services offered by the Professionals – A Manufacturing unit need to hire all the professionals to manufacture the qualitative products with zero defects and zero effects and they also provide facilities like Research and development to make a product most qualitative and competitive as far as price is concerned. The third party manufactures are also answerable for the quality assurance of the product manufactured by them.
Flexible in Production – The third party manufacturing companies are flexible and efficient enough to produce large quantity of products to meet the upcoming demands of the market. By this way they do efforts to maintain the regular availability of the products in the market.


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