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PCD Pharma Franchise Company In India

pcd pharma franchise

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Pcd Pharma Franchise Monopoly Basis

PCD in pharma is propaganda cum distribution. Today lot of pharmaceutical companies are acknowledged with this method of marketing for distribution of the medicines as brands all over the country.

PCD is a method of marketing to those who have small set units to market the drugs or brands in their respective area for pharma business. Many of the PCD pharma companies started 19th to 20th century and flourish their business in PCD pharma. As this segment involve those who want to give a small startup to their business at initial levels. This type of marketing in pharma provides distribution, brand establishment so that they can market the products if they are not able to manufacture a list of combinations at market place.

We at Solace Biotech Limited, provide PCD pharma franchise on monopoly basis (district wise) of our various combinations compacted in divisions to enjoy the benefits of PCD franchise Company. We here understands the requirement of the clients to provide better services the way it is required to them. To be a complete solution for the PCD pharma seekers we provide a complete solution for their business start up.

For experiencing a unique Pharma Franchise Company ever we provide the following tools specially designed for blooming PCD Pharma business. Here are some of the features below exclusively offered by us:

• exclusive division wise product glossary

• product reminder cards

• sample catch cover

• physician samples

• reminder cards

• visual aids

• order book

• MR bags

• excellent product packing and presentation with latest printing technology

• other promotional items (specially designed with specific brands)

• experienced professionals to serve you better

• exclusive monthly schemes

• regularly introducing new product combinations to be competitive in the market

• complete product range categorized in divisions

We at Solace will continue making our utmost efforts for different tomorrow. For this we make our continuous efforts to serve you better. We strive to discover and develop innovative and value added products by choosing a quality API for different formulations. Quality is not a word or symbol for us but here it is the way of life we maintain. The commitment to provide quality and total quality and earn place of pride in pharma industry.

Our brands are formulated under the team of experts and we follow several stringent quality measure in accordance with WHO regulations. In order to provide high quality drugs to the market, a highly qualitative and efficient APIs are used. We use APIs of top API manufacturing companies and this make our products truly remarkable. Nor do we get tempted to use sub-standard raw material or bought out items to cut down our cost.

We at Solace do not believe in offering our products at lower cost at the expense of compromises on quality. We focus on higher quality and standardized formulations for manufacturing. The main focus of our company is to have healthy relationship with our valued customers. We provide PCD pharma franchise service all over India, district wise per division.We are very glad that by maintaining such parameters we are able to receive great appreciation in regards of our products and services. In customer prospective our main target is customer satisfaction which we are able to receive through our products and services. That help us in standing apart from all others. By maintaining all such parameters we try to achieve and maintain our customer satisfaction.Our company even provides franchisee agreement to our distributors or customers. We here also focus on high quality products with exclusive branding. We never put trust and credibility of ours at stake for future growth and development. Our journey towards this customer centric visions has required hard work, persistence and determination. We have a steady progress towards this goal. Our vision is to be innovative and vibrant pharmaceutical company in India healthcare arena. We try to bring latest development in the pharmaceutical industry within the reach common man, the company is making a real difference in the lives of patients and professionals.

In every turn of the business we focus to stand aside by our customer to climb each step confidently in pharma market. For this we have qualified and knowledgeable professionals for addressing all sort of queries weather it is regarding product knowledge, study material of products and we try to update ourselves with latest changes. We here has a vast reservoir of highly skilled and experienced work force with broad diversity of educational and professional background. We have dedicated departments for Production, Designing, Quality, purchase and other areas of work. Empowered by a commitment to quality and integrity, our key leaders guide the entire solace team as we work to fulfill our most important mission........

We provide pharma franchise Company all over India on monopoly basis district wise and division wise as well to enjoy benefits of the PCD franchise. Our company covers districts as well remote areas also with best quality standard products.

  • We aim to become nations most admirable business enterprise through our innovative approach for every thing we do experience uniqueness in pharma business.
  • Looking into todays scenario, packaging can play in building and reinforcing brand image of any product. Brand visibility can maximize through innovative packing. For making it more exclusive we successfully combine superior graphic and structural design making product stand out of shelf. For making it into reality we use best quality ITC saphire duplex paper. To add more features we provide back printing of company logo on our product packages.
  • To make it more easier to get benefits in PCD pharma Companies we provide exclusive offers on every introduction of the new brand launched in different divisions. To be more competitive we here focus more and more on satisfaction of the customer. In its pursuit of growth with well accepted excellent quality health care products, Solace strives towards improving lives and delivering outstanding values to our customers.
  • We ensuring to provide all the commitment what we made for experiencing our customer a uniqueness in PCD pharma franchise. Feel your dreams coming true with growing opportunity only with Solace Biotech Limited.


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Franchising is a long-term cooperative relationship between two entities with a co-creation of vision. We have wide range of qualitative products in a general as well as specialized divisions. Hope this will be a One-Stop solution for your requirements.

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